Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SecureTeller is devoted to protect your privacy. This Policy reveals the practices by which SecureTeller plans to protect the quality and integrity of your private data.
SecureTeller provides the following Rules of how we intend to use your private data

Delicate Information

SecureTeller will not gather private data about you except when you have approved us to do so. We will not gather information about race, religion, political view, details of health, disability or sexual activity or orientation unless individual agreed to provide such information.

Cookies and Browsing

The statistical information of the users that we collect via our website will be used for the development of the website. The collection of statistical data is done anonymously without attempts to identify users or monitor their exact browsing activities. To gather information that helps us to improve our service, SecureTeller uses cookies to statistically track performance of our website. We collect information about users of our website, including monitoring the URL’s from which people visit and their activity. SecureTeller will use your revealed private data or generated information by cookies that you have provided without specific notification, we will not share this information with individuals or organization outside SecureTeller.

Usage and Disclosure

Private data collected through the website will be used and disclosed for the purposes that are written on our site. If SecureTeller will use this data for secondary purposes your express consent will be received first.

Quality of the Information

Rational steps will be used to make sure that all collected private data that is used and revealed is relevant, complete, up to date and accurate for the purposes it is used.

Data Protection

Internal security will look after and maintain information to secure it from unauthorised access, distribution, alteration and loss. All data that is no longer needed will be destroyed or permanently deleted to protect your private data.

Third Party Products

Website may have third party proposals, products and services and links to other websites. By using them, you will be leaving our website and using and receiving products/services from third party, which are not under our control and are not controlled or studied by us.
You are knowingly and voluntarily taking all risks of using third party products/services and sites. We shall not be accountable for the use of such third party sites, products and services.